Dropped Kerbs

Dropped Kerbs Essex

If you have a driveway or are thinking of having a driveway built then you will require a dropped kerb if your vehicle will drive over a footway. A dropped kerb, sometimes referred to as a vehicle crossing, ensures that the footway is strengthened to take the weight of the car being lowered off the driveway and protects the road and underground pipes from getting damaged.

As a car owner, dropped kerbs also help to ensure that your car is not damaged when it drives up or down the kerb, as without it your wheels/tyres and suspension could get damaged, among other areas of your car.

How to apply for a dropped kerb

Your local council will need to give you permission to go ahead with getting a dropped kerb built and you will need to check whether you require planning permission. Whilst the rules can vary between different councils, Essex County Council for example, stipulate that you will require planning permission if the driveway will be located on a classified road (A, B or Class III road).

There is also a cost for submitting your application, with Essex County Council charging £284.63 and Kent County Council charging £320. Costs will differ depending on which council district you are within.

Before you apply for a dropped kerb you must check whether your application will meet the set criteria listed by your local council. Kent CC requires that there is a length of at least 4.8m between the back of the pavement and the front of your building. See the full list of dropped kerb requirements for Kent County Council or check the Essex County Council website for their criteria, depending on which you are under.

Appointing a construction company

Once you have had your application for a dropped kerb approved, you will then need to appoint a reputable construction company to undertake the work. Due to the type of work that is involved, it is really important that you choose a construction company that is experienced in completing dropped kerb driveways.

We have been constructing dropped kerb driveways in Essex for many years and are a trustworthy and reliable company, with a high level of expertise in this type of work. For further peace of mind, all of our dropped kerb entrances come with a 10-year guarantee. To get a no obligation dropped kerb quote in Essex or Kent, call us on 01268 203300.