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One of the best surfaces for roads and pavements is asphalt. Asphalt is a hard wearing surface which is flexible to allow for changing weather conditions.

Our paving experts can help transform your outside area allowing you to enjoy your garden or improve the look of your property.

More and more properties have two or more cars, and dropped kerbs can give you better access to your driveway and improve the look of your property.


Wise Civils began in 2013. We are located in Basildon, Essex and work in and around the surrounding areas.

Our projects range from smaller dropped kerbs to larger contracts involving drainage and Asphalt surfacing. We can help you design any project to your exact specifications and will follow all industry guides


Wise Civils always have had the ability to get the job done as it's part of our core tradition. We may not be the cheapest but that's because our tradesmen are the best and our guaranteed work always shines through on any remedial that may go wrong due to faulty materials, unsuspected weather conditions or other contractors or delivery drivers parking where they shouldn't! That's why We Are Special People to do business with.

We regard all our clients, contractors and governing bodies with upmost respect and work with you or them to deliver the project that you desire and if we can deliver on budget then one thing you can count on is our full communication from commencement of accepting our estimate. We are always by the phone ready to talk about any concerns on your project.

Wise Civils realises today that its when were gone that we still are there for assurance. Our guarantee of our workmanship is always stated on what we do and how long we can assure you on what your paying for. We always state on what's best for the long term but always state how much that will cost. We aren't here for a temporary make over that lasts weeks or months as we take pride in our work and we want to see the lasting affects for the decades to come!

We also ask when estimating if other people have quoted for your project and if its confirmed we always quote like for like as this is fair competition.



Hundred Hoo Academy – Drainage
Dropped Kerbs
Greens Farm Lane
Asphalt Surfacing
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Dropped kerbs
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Can Wasp help you with your building construction?


Whatever your desire is from driveway to carriageway construction we can tailor your requirements to exactly your preference and needs.


All of our materials come from sustainable forests, recycled asphalt and re-useable concrete made materials


As we are committed to sustainable resources then its our commitment to recycle most of our products that we dismantle even the material we excavate gets recycled.


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