Drainage Specialists In Essex

All new building structures, whether roads or buildings, require adequate drainage systems. This includes drainage for water and waste inside the building as well as drainage for rainwater in and around the area.

All new structures need a proper survey and assessment to establish how and where surface water will drain away. This has to be carried out in a manner which will not cause flooding to surrounding areas or damage the local eco system.

Drainage systems for waste will need to be constructed so they are efficient and are not likely to block at any point along the drainage route.  This is something which needs specialist knowledge and often has to include liaising with other services.

If there are housing estates or offices nearby, this needs careful consideration so that all drainage flows away in the right direction.

Our engineers will discuss all aspects of drainage and will carry out all work so that the road or building will be safe and will not suffer from unnecessary flooding, as well as ensuring that neighbouring areas are not affected.